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Harrison Assessments Basic Accreditation Workshop

21-23 November 2016 (Mon-Wed)
9.00am to 5.00pm
OVCHAM Learning Centre, PMK


If Diamond is a girl’s best friend, then the Right Talent must be an organisation’s best asset. We assess and determine the quality and value of a diamond through the 4C’s – Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut… how do we then assess the 4C’s of talent assessment. Read more…

Human capital is one of the largest investments for any organisation. Wrong hires will result in low productivity and performance. Is your company carrying any human liabilities? Read more…

Insights mean having an honest review, constant internal reflection and objective assessment of one’s personal capacity, state of readiness and willingness to take on an assignment. Read more…

Most strategies and grand plans look picture perfect and flawless on paper; however when it comes to execution and implementation, it is not surprising that the plan may not turn out as expected. Read more…

How Harrison Assessments can gauge if you are suitable for your job. Read more…

With so much at stake today, it’s about time that companies ramp up the assessment process and cull those who misrepresent themselves versus those who are really competent. Read more…

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