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Assessment Centre

Improve business performance through focused talent pool identification and development

More and more organisations are realising the importance of utilising an objective method for assessing employee development and for managing their talents.

Recruit, identify & develop key talents through a systematic talent assessment & development centre methodology

At Omni View Consulting, we provide the know-how and expertise in guiding HR practitioners and organisations on how to use a competency-based approach for managing their talents. Competency assessments are a vital tool in determining how an employee is performing in their current role, and how they fit with future job requirements.

How do we identify our key talents & high potentials?

Whilst assessment centres provide an objective and fair method of selection of talents it can also translate into substantial investment in terms of cost and time for a company.

Let us help you save time and cost with your assessment centre needs and achieve the following results:

  • Standardised and transparent evaluation metrics
  • Scaleable and cost effective assessments
  • Knowledge transfer and processes supported by technology
  • Real-time talent repository and retrieval system

Assessment Centre can be used for...

  • Management Trainee Recruitment
  • Talent Promotion & Development
  • Nomination for Talent Pool
  • Readiness for Succession Planning

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