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Predict Success ~ Inspire Performance

  • Assess eligibility and suitability for any job
  • Easily identify, attract and retain top talent
  • Discover paradoxical leadership talents
  • Unleash employee motivation


Harrison Assessments

Effective Talent Management through Employment Testing

Harrison Assessments is leading the Talent Management and Employment Testing industry with cutting edge technologies.

Our unique Talent Management and Employment Testing systems are comprehensive, ensuring you hire, develop and retain top talent. Our methodologies are fully integrated ensuring you achieve a comprehensive and clear overall picture for decision making. Our cost effective online systems require minimum set up time and can save up to 80% administration time.

Overview of Harrison Assessments

HA can be applied across the talent assessment and development programmes which include Online Recruitment for selection to Employee Development.

Recruitment Automation

  • Automates the recruitment process
  • Assesses applicants with online application / assessment questionnaire
  • Saves up to 80% of time in the hiring process
  • Provides a more accurate assessment  and quantifying applicants eligibility and suitability through job success formula

Individual Development

  • Reveals person’s work preferences and behavioural competencies that relates to job performance
  • Reveals deeply rooted insights that determine essential high performance traits
  • Identifies performance traits that will accelerate or hinder performance related to specific positions

Team Development

  • Reveals team dynamics in a way that has never before been possible
  • Enables individual team members to easily identify how their own behaviours contribute or obstruct the team objectives
  • Create teams with effective interactions

Succession Planning

  • Predicts an individual’s likelihood of success at multiple levels within an organisation
  • Creates a developmental plan to accelerate their progress
  • Leverage the talent pool Increase retention

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