The PeopleX Series is all about the employee experience. The series aims at bringing subject matter experts to share their ideas, thoughts and advisory on how to raise employee experience in any organisation especially in today’s workplace.

Key Thoughts

  • How are you addressing the developmental needs of your employees?
  • How are you optimising your people’s potential to drive better business outcomes?
  • Are you hiring the right kind of talents for your organisation?
  • What people solutions are you leveraging to meet the business needs of your organisation?

If these lingering thoughts are on your mind, you may wish to attend The PeopleX Series. The purpose of this forum is to enable a discussion of latest trends, ideas, discoveries and learnings in the human capital arena.
Below are the topics of the PeopleX Series and dates. Feel free to register your interest and attendance.
Date Topic
6 March 2020 Enriching Employee Experience through the Decoding of your DNA to Unleash your Potential
15 May 2020 Sales team Risk Assessment Optimisation –Do you know your Sales force Risk? Are you optimising your sales force potential?
3 July 2020 Hiring Right for Performance
4 September 2020 Employee Experience: Team X-Factor- Unleashing team synergy!
6 November 2020 People AnalyticX – The Power of HA in driving Human Capital Insights

The PeopleX Series talks will be held at the OVC Learning Centre, Mont Kiara Plaza, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

For clients who are interested in the PeopleX Series, please register.