Taking Charge of Your Leadership Reputation!

The Leadership Dilemma – Two Perspectives

We have always known that behaviour trumps words. Reputations are developed through how we act – not by what we say or what our intentions are.

PARADOXES FOR SUCCESS is a powerful programme to help managers gain insight into their behavioural impact on their team members and others around them. Based on Harrison Assessments, it takes the managers through behaviour traits that they possess and guides them through how to use them in a more effective and complementary manner, rather than through the default lens ‘either/or’.

Through self-exploration, self-reflection and self-management, the programme provides managers the opportunity to explore a wider range of leadership behaviours.


At the end of the workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Gain insight on personal leadership strength and weaknesses and learn how to create a more positive leadership reputation
  • Learn how to adapt leadership behaviours to inspire higher levels of discretionary effort and engagement within the team

Workshop Outline

  • Course Overview (Leadership Reputation)
  • Harrison Assessments Fundamentals:
    • Enjoyment Performance Theory
    • Behaviour tendency and preference scoring
    • Paradox Theory
  • Balanced Versatility implications for leaders
  • Out-of-Balance behaviour
  • Behaviour under stress
  • Explore Leadership Paradoxes:
    • Leadership implications
    • Development strategies and tactics


1 day

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