Personality can be defined as patterns of behaviour, emotions, preferences, and thoughts.

While psychologists often disagree about the degree these patterns are determined by genetics or environmental influences, most would agree that both genetics and environment do play a role in shaping our personalities.

Some psychologists believe that the general personality patterns do not change but the fact that environment does play at least some role in shaping the personality would indicate otherwise.

People do in fact change these patterns as they mature and we can sometimes see others or experience for ourselves how we change over time. Consequently, it is safe to say that we have personality patterns but we also change and evolve over time.

Some patterns can be very beneficial to our success and happiness while other patterns can hinder our success without us even realising it.

The first step to changing our behavioural patterns and actualising our full potential is awareness of those patterns and the unconscious decisions we have made that keep the patterns in place.

Our personality may be innate and has become habitual. However, we can make our behaviourial change a conscious choice.

How can we develop to our full potential?

By shifting and altering the alchemy of our present and future personality through reframing and improving our habits and mindset – thus directly increasing our future potential and improving our fortune.

- Kevin Tan, Harrison International Business Director