Enhancing Team Synergy that transcends each level of the organisation

Client Profile

A banking institution’s urgency for transformation to stay continuously ahead of the industry results in the need to transform the mindset of its workforce that starts from top-down and is infused by its leaders to the next level of the team.

Challenge At Hand

The transformation agenda of the organisation maps into transforming the mindset of its people to create the urgency to change in view of the VUCA environment. The order of the day is that teams will need to work differently whilst striving to achieve common goals of the organisation. There is fluidity, and changes are usually followed by uncertainty, and the need for clarity is of utmost importance to steer every team member to a common vision.

The Work We Did

We conducted a leadership team synergy session that included leaders from all the business units that is headed by top management. The management sets the tone with open dialogue and challenges in moving with the new changes. Understanding of where they are at, what are the team’s strengths and opportunities for development and where the team can leverage on each other by appreciating the uniqueness of each person’s strengths is fundamental in moving together as a team. Each team’s action plans were developed by the team members from crucial conversations facilitated by us based on the analysis of each individual’s profile that contributes to team success.

Business Outcome

Each business unit leader then led their own teams in the team dynamics and alignment sessions with us. This further underlines the top-down commitment in making a difference and engaging everyone in the transformation agenda. The crucial conversations with each team, and openness of the leaders to address challenges enabled better understanding, and engagement that translated to the commitment of each team member to support the transformation agenda.

Team Dynamics

Creating engagement and synergy in teams.

Business Edge

Gain insights to the critical success behaviours of your team members that will give your business the competitive advantage.

High performance

Prime your team’s readiness to navigate through uncertainty and changes in the market.