"Others say they feel pressure from bosses to prove they're working, especially as the economy takes a hit and the prospect of layoffs looms. At Constellation Software Inc. in Toronto, more than 100 employees got an email from a superior that said: “Don’t get distracted because you are on your own. It is easy to get into bad habits, the lure of the internet, the endless box sets. Just think, would I do this in the office? If it’s a no, don’t do it,” read the email reviewed by Bloomberg. “You know we will be watching closely,” the same manager wrote in an earlier message."

These are some of the hard truths of working remotely from home. The fine line that once made home life and work life definitively clear is gone. How do you unwind, de-stress and even tune out work after 9 hours of working straight when you are working from home? How do you pace yourself before you burnout?

Leaders will need to step up to the plate and engage with their employees more often. That's where Harrison Assessments reports comes in handy to help guide leaders in their conversations with their team members to find out how they are faring and what support they need.