Now that the CMCO has been lifted and we are now on the road to recovery, here are a few things that may be happening in the recruitment space.

1. Increase hiring in certain industries. Candidates should assess their strengths, do some research and find out which companies are looking for those skills. Reach out to us and we can help you assess your strengths with Harrison Assessments's Your Greatest Strengths Report.

2. More Virtual Career Fairs - the pandemic has certainly changed the way career fairs are being run. Companies may continue to hire via online interviews.

3. Virtual Onboarding - your first day at work may not be in your office but from your home.

4. Bring your "A" game to your job search - During the lockdown, companies have had to retrench or put their staff on furlough. This is now an employers market and the competition to be hired is high. Do your research and see how you can stand out from the crowd.